Water Towers

A water tower provides safe, easy access to clean water.
A borehole or a natural water source is used to supply water to the water tower.
The biggest benefit of a water tower is that water can be collected quickly and safely.

Prior to us building water towers, the only water sources were in unsafe areas or in areas that were far from the heart of the community.
For example, lives were endangered as the water collection areas could have been home to venomous snakes, so each time a bucket of water was collected, a life was put at risk.


Our water towers have 5 taps so more than one person can collect water at one time.
Water towers are built in safe areas so collecting water is safe and is easily accessed by people within the community.
We use filters to purify the water in the water towers so it is safe to drink.

We now have completed 3 water towers in two communities - two in Bepong and one in Atuobikrom - providing clean water to 5,600 people.

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