Our dream is to help create a happier & healthier Africa.


Where it all began...

Leaving a hectic life in London behind her, Emma Hodgkins decided to volunteer at a school in Ghana. It was intended to be a therapeutic trip that might also benefit others, but she had no idea just how life changing her experience would be.

In April 2013, during her stay at Nkyenennkyenen village, Emma experienced firsthand the poor quality water and sanitation conditions, and the impact this has on lives. It was there she met Porsche and Kofe. They had contracted ringworm from drinking dirty water and with no medical insurance to treat it, their condition had become critical. Emma took them to the nearest hospital and paid for their treatment and insurance for the next year. After this, she quickly raised the funds in the UK to insure over 100 children in the village, but she knew this was still not enough.

While in Ghana, Emma also took part in an outreach project which installed a purified water system to a large village which gave many of them access to clean water for the first time in their lives. Seeing the impact on the villagers lives, she then raised further funds in the UK to buy and install two further water filters to the village. This meant that more than 300 people would benefit from clean water for up to 12 years. These experiences spurred the idea for founding the Helen Hodgkins Trust, in memory of Emma's late mother. 

Pure, clean water. This is the moment we have dreamed of and prayed for.
— Head of Village, Nkyenennkyenen

Our Mission

  • We promise that 100% of donations will reach those who need it
  • We are committed to returning yearly to deliver more water filters directly to villages
  • We aim to raise funds to insure as many children as we can each year
  • We will continue to build relationships directly with families & villages
  • We will support the ongoing education of children & their families so they may take control of their future
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