Medical Insurance

Life is precious.
Sadly too many lives are lost. Ghana has the medical facilities and medicines to treat patients, but the heartbreak is that because people cannot afford medical insurance, they go untreated and lives are then lost.
For just £1 we can provide life saving medical insurance to a child, saving lives and creating healthier communities.
The NHSI (National Health Service Insurance) provides medical cards that enables people to visit their local health care centre and receive the treatment they need free of charge.

We are currently providing life saving medical insurance to nearly 1000 school children in Ghana in four schools - Nkyenennkyenen, Petiku, Mangoase and Osobeng.

This really is saving and changing lives:

  • Fatal illnesses such as malaria are being treated

  • The smallest of injuries such as cuts can be treated, preventing infections meaning children are not getting seriously sick from a minor injury, they can continue to go to school and get the education they deserve

  • Schools are better attended than ever as children receive education and health care, meaning these communities are better educated

  • The government is now providing meals for children as the attendance for the school has increased so now children receive education, health care and also 1 meal a day

Isaac, the headmaster of Nkyenennkyenen school, gave us this message, with a massive thank you from the children we insure.

You can support us and help provide life saving medical insurance by donating here: