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Big T Triathlon

Michael Law is taking on a triple triathlon challenge to raise funds for the trust.
It will be 3 triathlons in 5 months. Two sprint triathlons and building to the ultimate challenge - an open water Olympic triathlon.

He is starting with the Big T triathlon in Trowbridge

Michael says:

“In 2015 I completed the 3 peaks challenge.
In 2016 I completed an ultra marathon: 69 miles, getting to the finish line in 19 hours.
But this will prove to be my toughest challenge yet.

I haven't been in the pool since my school days and swimming is definitely for me the hardest of the 3 disciplines.

The last time I was on a bike, I was 12 and riding up ramps on my BMX.

My heart is behind this challenge and the cause. I knew Helen personally (and Emma, the founder of the charity, is my partner) and I've seen how the money raised can make such a huge difference to communities in Ghana with the gift of clean water and life saving medical insurance.

Emma my partner-in-crime will be supporting me by completing all 3 triathlons by my side.
(Although she keeps telling me she will be in front of me!)"

Please support Mike and the Trust by donating here: