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Amsterdam Half Marathon

After the success of the first Helen Hodgkins Trust team half marathon, we have another. And this time we're off to Europe!

On Sunday 18th October a team of four (all who live in Brighton) are heading off to Amsterdam.

Many thanks to Mal, Rakel, Kev and Ray for running to raise money for the charity. More information on each is below. Kev has a very unusual twist to his running!

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Malcolm Rhodes

Mal is a regular runner, having completed many races up to a half marathon in length.




Rakel Rhodes

Rakel hails from Flekkefjord in Norway. Rakel has completed many half marathons, and inspired Mal to take up running.



Kevin Williams

Kev is an accomplished runner ..... and he also takes the rather unusual step of running whilst juggling!!!

In fact he is going to "joggle" Amsterdam - with a target of zero drops! (Which would please Mal, as he's Kev's official ball picker-upper.)



Ray Devaney

Ray has taken up running again recently with Amsterdam being his first half marathon in many years.



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