More Water filters

Over the last 5 years, we have shipped 162 water filters to Ghana, with out latest shipment arriving in May 2018.

Thanks to the knowledge of our partners Fred and Rebeca, we make sure they reach the most needed families and communities around Mpraeso, Ghana.


We have now completed a brand new borehole in the community of Kyereban.

Frank's story moved Emma so much on her last visit to Ghana so thanks to your amazing support we are now giving 100s of people the gift of clean water.

Further water searches will soon be underway and with the support of our partners, the drilling and building of more boreholes will commence in the near future.

Some of the projects are repairing boreholes that have previously been built by various organisations, fundraisers and volunteers.

Unfortunately, no ongoing maintenance plans were out in place, so when something breaks, the water stops flowing.

It is so sad and heartbreaking to visit communities that have been given the gift of clean water and then had it taken away - when something breaks they have had to go back to drinking dirty, contaminated water.

However, the Trust repairs these boreholes and promises to keep them managed and maintained for the long term.

medical insurance for more schools

We are currently working on providing life-saving medical insurance to more schools in Ghana.

Six more schools have been identified and with the help of the NHSI and our partners we will be helping even more children in need.

Please help us build more water towers, drill more boreholes and provide more water filters and save thousands of lives by donating here:


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