Kyereban Update

Kyereban Update

Our borehole in Kyereban is finally complete.

In 2017 we identified this community and the need for clean water and in 2018 we drilled the borehole and built the water tower. Now, in 2019 we have delivered the water container that completes this project.

Kyereban is an incredibly poor community close to the shores of Lake Volta that Emma and Martin visited in 2017 and both were moved to tears by the conditions they were facing.

Take a look at Frank’s story to see why we felt this community was so desperate and so worthy of our support.

At the start of 2018 we drilled a new borehole, but unfortunately we had to drill over 100m deep before hitting the water table meaning that we could not use a manual pump as the depth of the water would put too much strain on the pump. This would most certainly not be able to take the strain needed to supply this community with the amount of water needed.

So we also provided an electric pump and generator to take the water from the ground and give them a sustainable water supply.

At the end of 2018 our team of volunteers visited the community to check on the progress and to help build the foundations for the water tower. Bit by bit we were getting closer to completing this project.

Nothing is simple in Ghana. And because of the location of the community and the difficulties of getting there we have had so many delays.

Finally this month we were able to get the water container to the water tower in Kyereban completing our project, making a huge difference to this incredibly humble fishing village.

We know this project will have a huge impact on all the villagers, it really will improve the quality of life and health.

Thank you so much for supporting us. Together we are making a difference, saving and changing lives with the gift of clean water.