Kofi Dede Repairs

Kofi Dede Repairs

Kofi Dede is a small community under the Kwahu West Municipality in the Eastern region of Ghana. It has a rather large population of 1,900 people with only one school and clinic, and the predominant occupation in the settlement is subsistence farming and small goods trading.

The townsfolk relied on a nearby stream and rain water until the construction of two boreholes seven years ago. Due to waterborne diseases contracted from the drinking and usage of the stream and rain water, coupled with the time they wasted fetching water, the installation of the boreholes came as a blessed relief. Their health improved drastically, they could be more productive and allowed children to spend more time in school improving the education within the community.

Sadly, as with so many boreholes that are drilled, the original installers did not maintain the boreholes and two years ago they broke down. With no means to repair them within the community, this saw the return of waterborne diseases, dwindling productivity in the community and absenteeism and poor academic performance.

Thanks to your donations and support, these two badly malfunctioning boreholes have been fully repaired and restored for the people of Kofi Dede, and the Helen Hodgkins Trust always commits to the ongoing maintenance of any boreholes we drill or take over.

The repairs will enhance productivity, improve health and support good academic performance.