Bepong Water Tower Improvements

Bepong Water Tower Improvements

Research tells us that 1 in 3 water projects in the 3rd world fail. Our aim is to ensure that 100% of the communities we help have sustainable water forever.

Bepong is a huge market town located on a trade route between the Afram Plains District and southern Ghana and both local farming and Volta Lake fishing products are traded here. A large transient population adds to over 6,000 local residents. There are 6 local schools with a student population of more than 1,600 and a Senior High School with a student population of approximately 1,200. Students make up almost half of the total town’s population.

As the community is so large and serves so many students and traders, clean water is vital.

Bepong was the first community we supported with our inaugural sustainable water project in 2016. We built a water tower that utilised a natural water supply sourced from a well and have been reliant on a connection to power grid for this project to work.

Before our intervention, no existing boreholes or clean water supplies existed except for those from the Community’s natural wells.

Unfortunately, we have had several issues due to engineering problems, power shortages and also the added challenge of water shortages in the dry season.

We always want to improve what we are doing and continue to support our communities and we are pleased to say that we have been working with our local partners to upgrade the facility and the project is now running with huge success.

Our latest work has changed the water supply source which now stems from the Ghana Water Company’s supply lines with a connection to the main water grid completed. We now no longer rely on natural water sources and electric pumps.

We hope and pray that this project will now be successful and will continue to aid the thousands of people in the community of Bepong.