Corby Conservative Club Cake and Tea Party

Corby Conservative Club Cake and Tea Party

A huge thank you and congratulations to Sophie and Nick for raising £300 at Saturday’s fundraiser.

We know how hard you worked and we can’t thank you enough for for wanting to support our cause, although the question has to be asked: how many cakes did Nick actually eat??


With £300 we can provide around 600 people with clean water for five years or give 300 children life saving medical insurance. Your hard work and efforts really will make a huge difference to so many lives.

Sophie and Nick met Emma and Martin on their last trip to Ghana in 2017 and were so inspired that when they returned to the UK they wanted to do something to help.

They are also taking part in an awesome challenge this Saturday to try and raise even more funds for our cause. Please do support Sophie and Nick by donating to help raise even more needed funds for our amazing cause.