Anna's Parachute Jump


Our father and daughter skydiving team have done it!!!

A huge congratulations to Paul and Anna for completing their skydiving fundraiser.

Not only did they jump from the skies, they made it down to the ground safe and sound.

Paul will be joining our team of volunteers going out to Ghana in October and is hoping to make a difference with his time and skills as an engineer on our future water projects.


Anna celebrated her 16th birthday and to celebrate wanted to take on this amazing adrenaline junky challenge.

Paul said “Anna has definitely inherited the nutter gene from her Dad! As soon as Anna was on the ground she was asking what else we could do as that was such a buzz but I'm struggling to think of anything we could do that would give us a greater adrenaline buzz than jumping out of a plane two miles above the ground!

We are so proud to be supporting the Helen Hodgkins Trust and want to thank everyone for their kind donations.”

Thank you so much for wanting to support our cause and helping us to raise much needed funds and awareness.

Every penny raised really does make a difference and saves and changes lives with the gift of clean water.It’s hard to find the words to explain how proud we are of our team and this event.