£22,193.25 Raised for our Cause

£22,193.25 Raised for our Cause

It’s hard to find the words to explain how proud we are of our team and this event.

The Chamonix Hard Cross Challenge, https://www.chamonixhardcross.com/challenge/fundraising-in-the-alps/ has excelled in every way.

Our team of fundraisers dedicated months to raising funds and training to take part and complete this epic challenge.

Our hosts Damien and Alison Stork looked after us and made the event better than we ever expected. The breathtaking views surrounding us made every painful step worthwhile.

It really wasn’t a walk in the park and we had a few casualties along the way, but our amazing team of nine completed the challenge and we are now so proud to announce that the total raised for our cause is a staggering £22,193.25.


We really can’t thank everyone enough for making this event so successful.

Our team are our heroes.

Well done team HHT and thank you for all of your generous donations!