New School Uniforms for Guaekasa


Guaekasa is one of the poorest communities that we have visited on our trips to Ghana.

No electricity, a medical centre that is simply a room with a table - they don’t even have medical supplies.

The school is extremely small made up of simple clay blocks, wooden slats and a tin roof.


We have distributed water filters to the people of Guaekasa and this will give them immediate aid and the gift of clean water and we are currently trying to insure the children of Guaekasa with life saving medical insurance.

We are delighted to say that we now have school uniforms to take out with us during our next trip to Ghana to distribute to the pupils attending the school.

A huge thank you to Steve and Christine Moorehouse for donating 50 pairs of shorts and T-shirts to give to every child that attends the school.

We know the children will absolutely love this and it will certainly encourage them to attend school and receive the education they deserve.