Chamonix Challenge Day 3


Our final day and we were heading to Switzerland to conquer the Tete De Balme.

We started the trail in France and our team had to dig very deep as legs and minds were exhausted. It’s amazing how strong people can be and how determined our team were.

The last 50m to the summit was definitely the most challenging as it was incredibly steep and we could see the top but it never seemed to get any closer!!!!!


Just before the summit we hit the Swiss border......

It’s not very often you can have one foot in France and another in Switzerland!


After such an epic winter in the Alps there was still snow on the summit of our mountain and at one point with the aid of our guide we had to slide down a 6 foot snow pile.


It all added to the adventure and we can now proudly say that we completed 3 mountains in 3 countries over 3 days.

Emma said:
“It’s been emotional, an adventure of a lifetime, the best team. An awesome event with lasting memories. Well done team Helen Hodgkins Trust.”