Chamonix Challenge Day 2

Chamonix Challenge Day 2

What a day!

Day 2 of our Chamonix Challenge and we headed up the Aiguillette des Houches in France.

After a long and exhausting first day our team walked and scrabbled up the French mountain with breathtaking views and Mont Blanc in the background.

It was exceptionally hard as the trail was steep and had very narrow paths with sheer drops to the side of them, but we eventually reached the summit and stopped for much needed food and water.


This is when Emma was romantically taken away from the group by her partner.....

With the group only 30 metres away they could see the proposal and managed to get pictures of Michael Law proposing.


Emma said β€œThe setting could not have been any more perfect and the cheers and excitement that came from our team simply made this magical moment even more perfect.”


Our team completed day 2 and the French challenge. What a day, what a team.