Partnership with Kicking Off

Partnership with Kicking Off

We are proud to announce that we are now working in partnership with Kicking Off – a UK-based charity that aims to empower communities through sport.
Our two charities came together towards the end of 2017 and began discussions on how we could work together to affect even more change in rural communities in Ghana.
Julian, the founder of Kicking Off, has a very similar story to Emma having originally volunteered in Ghana, and even grew up in the same home town of Banbury.
It is clear from our discussions that our organisations are very well aligned and we have decided to join forces and work together.

Images courtesy of  Lucy Fell

Images courtesy of Lucy Fell

Some Information about Kicking Off:
Our Mission

We exist to unite UK and global communities through sport.

We exist to provide UK and Global communities with the tools needed for self-sustaining development in the areas they need it the most.

Kicking Off Is More Than Just A Game.

What we do

Part 1 – Understanding and unifying our target community

Working with local NGOs, we use the power of sport to bring global communities together in a celebration of their local culture and its favourite sport.

Our tournaments focus on providing the most urgently needed support in the areas we’ve committed to, specifically: medical, hygiene, educational, nourishment and gender equality.

Our tournaments unite a whole community in a day of competition, fun, festivities and positivity – it’s a carnival atmosphere. The tournaments allow us to develop strong local relationships and forms the basis for us to develop our knowledge and understanding of a target area.

Part 2 – Sustainable Development

We have 6 key themes in the creation of our long term locally led sustainable projects:

  • No Poverty

  • Zero Hunger

  • Good Health and Well-being

  • Quality Education

  • Gender Equality

  • Clean Water and Sanitation

Using the expertise of local NGOs, community leaders, international NGOs, other interested parties and our own research, we support and invest in locally led projects that will allow communities to self-develop and overcome key issues.

We focus on promoting the best local talent to lead our long-term projects as development champions – we know that projects will always be successful when they are fully embraced by the local people.

The Helen Hodgkins Trust will still focus on providing the gift of clean water and life saving medical insurance, but by working with Kicking Off, we will place greater emphasis on making communities completely sustainable. Kicking Off can also support the identification of those communities most in need.

By working together we can have a positive impact on even more communities and save and change even more lives.

All images courtesy of Lucy Fell