New Borehole in Kyereban

Frank's Borehole

Kyereban is a community that the Trust have visited several times. We distributed water filters in 2016 and returned in September 2017.

It was on that visit, that we met Frank who talked to us openly about the many issues they face because of a lack of clean water.

They are in a very remote location, so when a villager becomes ill, it is difficult to get them to a doctor, so they often have to watch and wait for loved ones to die.

You can watch Frank's story here:

Water filters help, but a sustainable solution, like a borehole can supply a whole village. We promised Frank we would return to Kyereban and drill a borehole.

We are delighted to announce that we have kept that promise and have drilled a borehole in Kyereban.

Fittingly this was on World Water Day, but we had to drill 120m before we finally hit water. The first phase is complete and we are now working on Phase 2.

Being so deep, a hand pump wouldn't work so we will install a submersible electric pump. There is no electricity in the village so the pump will be powered by a small generator.

The work we do in Ghana is only possible thanks to the amazing knowledge and support we have from our partners Fred and Rebeca.

We can’t thank them enough for enabling us to continue to support communities so in need with the gift of clean water.