Gyaekasa - A New Water Project

Gyaekasa - A New Water Project

Yesterday we started work on a new water project in the community of Gyaekasa.

This is a community Emma and Martin visited last October. Emma said “in all of my trips to Ghana, this is by far the poorest community I have ever visited.”

Last year we distributed water filters to the community giving them immediate aid so they are able to purify the water they are drinking and cooking with.

Now we are repairing the borehole that has not worked for several years giving them a sustainable water supply in the village.

The community is not easy to reach - the long dirt track that takes you to Gyaekasa is long and uneven with huge pot holes and divots in the ground. This makes approaching and leaving the community very difficult.

It also contributes to the reason this community is so poor as most villagers don’t leave the village. Farming only provides food for the community as it’s so difficult to take their produce to market.

We are hoping that when our volunteers head out to Ghana this month they will spend some time in the community building relationships with the villagers and distributing supplies to the school, including books, pencils and other needed teaching materials.

We would also like to thank our very generous donors who have provided brand new school uniforms for all of the pupils of Gyaekasa school.

On this trip that we are also intending to give all of the children life saving medical insurance to encourage children to attend school but also to create a happier and healthier community.