Atobease Water Searches

Atobease Water Searches

This weekend we are carrying out water searches in the community of Atobease. This is a community Emma and Martin visited on their last trip to Ghana.

Emma met the Godmother of Atobease who explained the water issues in the community. She was a remarkable lady who was unsure of her age, but her children told us she was over 100 years young.


She explained that there was no borehole in the community and several hours were spent collecting water everyday. The only area with a natural water source is very difficult to reach and is contaminated with animal fecal matters (from pigs, goats and chickens) and in the dry season there is very little water which gives the community no other option but to dig for their water.

Emma and Martin visited the watering hole. They couldn’t believe how tricky it was to get there and tried to imagine how difficult it would be to carry buckets of water on their heads back to the community.

Emma was only wearing flip flops and lost her footing quite a few times. The pathway was very steep, slippery and uneven making it difficult to keep your balance. The water was filthy and we knew this would be a community we would want to support in the future.

We are so proud to share with you that this weekend water searches will be carried out by a geologist. Fingers crossed they will find an underground water supply in an accessible area allowing us to drill and give the community of Atobease its first borehole and a clean, sustainable water supply.