We are heading back to Ghana

We are heading back to Ghana!

This month we have a team of four volunteers heading off to Ghana. The trip will be headed up by trustee Martin Fawley who spent time working on our boreholes during our last trip in October 2017. He will be joined by Yasmin Meyrick, Paul Hawes and Lesley Southern.

The first week will be spent with our new partners Kicking Off. Martin will be building stronger relationships with founder Julian and the rest of the Kicking Off team.

Martin is particularly excited about the football tournament that Kicking Off will be holding - this is their way of building strong relationships within communities in Ghana.

With the two weeks our team has in Ghana they are going to be very busy........

We are hoping that they will be able to see the opening of our new borehole in Gyaekasa. Also within this community we are hoping to give all the pupils of the school medical insurance and new school uniforms and school materials.

Our team will also be taking part in outreach projects, distributing water filters to rural communities desperately in need of clean water.

The team will be aiming to complete our water project in Kyereban. This will involve building a water tower to ensure a continuous supply of water to the village.

They will also be visiting two of the schools we have links with to renew the medical insurance for all the children.


Local relationships are the cornerstone of our ability to provide life saving services and we will continue to build stronger relationships with our existing partners based in Ghana, Fred and Rebeca.

They enable us to build stronger relationships within the communities that we work in and the teams we have supporting us, from manual laborers and water engineers to headmasters and the chiefs of the communities.

We will visit communities that we have already helped to find out how our projects are improving lives. We also hope that Martin can spend some time with the government officials to see how we can work together to strengthen the work we are doing in the Eastern Region of Ghana. This will include spending time with the insurance office officials at the NHSI to see how we can start providing more schools with much needed medical insurance.

Our team will also be on the look out for future projects that we want to take on.

Currently we are providing over 60,000 people with clean water and around 1,000 children with life saving medical insurance.

We hope that after this trip we will be able to help so many more in need.

All of us at the Helen Hodgkins Trust wish our team the best of luck and we hope that you have a humbling and rewarding time in Ghana.

Good luck team HHT.