Ghana 2018 - Meet the Team

Ghana 2018 - Meet the Team

This year we have a team of four travelling to Ghana. Here they give their thoughts on the upcoming trip.


Martin Fawley

Martin is one of our Trustees and will be visiting Ghana for the second time.

“The trip last year really opened my eyes and enabled me to see exactly how the funds we raise are used to change people’s lives. I’m especially looking forward to re-visiting the communities of Kyereban and Gyaekasa where we will hopefully be putting the final touches to our water projects.

This year has been an epic one for the charity, with our biggest ever fundraiser, forming partnerships with other charities and initiating more water projects than ever before. It will be great to have Yaz, Paul and Lesley on this trip and between us we will be taking over 150kg of donated clothes, shoes and educational supplies. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated throughout the year.”


Yasmin Meyrick

Yaz has been involved in many of our fundraisers over the years including skydives and wing walking! This will be her first trip to Ghana.

Yaz said “I’ve always wanted to go to Africa and volunteer with a charity, but not being able to commit to more than two weeks because of finances and work commitments has always stopped me from fulfilling my dream. I met Emma five years ago and she was in the throes of registering the Helen Hodgkins Trust. We became firm friends and I offered to do a few things to help raise awareness and money for the newly founded Trust. Emma and I did a wing walk and then I suggested a skydive... which Emma did with me too!!

From there in it’s been part of my yearly life to raise money for the charity. Emma is such a hard worker and a very compassionate and persistent person making the HHT a great success, helping so many people in Ghana. I’m proud to be her friend and help make a difference to so many people. This trip is truly going to be an experience of a lifetime."


Paul Hawes

Paul has recently completed a fund raising skydive with his daughter Anna and is hoping to apply his engineering experience to our projects.

“I met Emma who runs the Helen Hodgins Trust on a sponsored skydive last year and as I've got to know her better, I have been increasingly interested in trying to help with the charity as I've learnt more about it's great work." said Paul. "Their main focus is providing a clean water supply to remote villages via boreholes and filtration and helping with schools.

As I'm an engineer, working within the water industry and have some experience as a school governor, I'm going on this trip to ascertain where I can be of most use to the charity in the future. It's a fact finding trip for me, although I'm delighted there's also some 'hands on' work to do whilst we're there."


Lesley Southern

Lesley has followed the charity for a long time and jumped at the chance to get more involved.

She said “Ensuring everyone has access to clean, safe water is one of my many passions. I believe it’s a human right to good hygiene, sanitation, healthcare and education. It’s a global outrage that in 2018 lives and life chances are threatened through poor health and lack of time and opportunity to attend school. I’ve been deeply interested in the work and development of the Helen Hodgkins Trust and have been eager to get involved.

My friends took part in the Chamonix fundraising challenge of three peaks in three days and I knew that physically that was literally a step too far for me so I couldn’t support the Trust in that way. What I knew I could do was offer my time, energy and commitment.

So I’m really looking forward to this opportunity to meet and work with local people in their communities, partners, volunteers and my friends in Ghana. Emma has worked out a programme of work for us to aim for, I hope we do her proud and tick off as much as we can. If what I do individually or collectively makes a difference to the quality of just one person’s life, I’ll be happy – to achieve more would be awesome.

My aim is to throw myself into everything and fully embrace this amazing experience.”

We hope our team have an amazing time. Good luck team HHT!