Emma is Returning to Ghana

Return to Ghana Autumn 2017

It's that time of year again and Emma is setting off to Ghana. She is departing on Monday 25th September.
Travelling with her is Martin Fawley who has become an ambassador for the Trust.

emmaand women.jpg

Emma will be spending two weeks with our partners Fred and Rebeca, building stronger relationships with the communities we support.


We have a huge itinerary for this trip so it's going to be busy.
Some of the things Emma is hoping to achieve are:

  • Complete 2-3 sustainable water projects
  • Insure 700-1000 children with life saving medical insurance
  • Identify new communities that we can work with in the future
  • Distribute 2-3 water filters
  • Visit all the communities we have been supporting to receive feedback on how our projects have benefited them

We wish Emma and Martin the best of luck and hope we achieve everything we are hoping for.