New Borehole in Petia

New borehole in Petia

Finally, we have given the community of Petia clean water.
Petia is a community that founder Emma Hodgkins identified two years ago on her trip to Ghana.

Last week we received the news that the borehole in Petia had been completed, giving thousands of people clean accessible water within their community.

It's a community of 11,000 people and for so many years the community has had to travel so far to collect their water.

The water they were collecting was so bad and contaminated with worms.
Fred our partner said:
"This water is so bad it should not even touch your skin”.


Not only is the water unclean and unsafe, it is so far away. People collecting water had to spend so much time carrying large water containers on their head or, if they are lucky enough, they could take the water from the source back to the community on a bicycle.

Not only did this community need clean water, they also needed accessible water.
So this borehole will save and change lives.

This is another success story and we are so thankful for the support we have had to make this possible.