Petia Borehole

Petia Borehole

Our founder, Emma Hodgkins, visited Petia two years ago.
This is a water project we identified and we can now confirm that the funds have been sent and work has begun on the borehole.

Our partners Fred and Rebeca gave us this update:
"We've finished clearing the site and all materials have been ordered, including sand, stones, rods and cement."

The water here is so dirty and is contaminated with worms.
Fred said: "This water is so bad it should not even touch your skin”.

Not only is the water unclean and unsafe, it is so far away. People collecting water have to spend so much time carrying large water containers on their head or, if they are lucky enough, bike the water from the source back to the community.

On Emma's last visit to Ghana we identified an existing borehole in the community.
However, we were informed by the chief it had not worked for over 7 years.
The surrounding areas get flooded in the wet season and because of faults, the mechanisms no longer work.

We are going to raise the platform of the borehole, making it usable and accessible in the dry and wet season.

We are paying for a new pump, chains and a cylinder to make this exciting borehole usable once again and providing the community of Petia with a sustainable and accessible water supply.