New schools to get Medical Insurance

medical insurance for two new schools

We have now identified two more schools with around 700 pupils that we are going to support with life saving medical insurance.
The funds have been sent and when the children return to school in September, the insurance will be given.
The two schools are:

 Mangoase school with 467 students.
 Adawso Presby with238 students.

Serious health issues make it so vital for us to get our life saving medical insurance to these children. They are at risk from cholera, schistosomiasis and other water related diseases.

The road leading to these communities is very bad and our partners Fred and Rebeca try to avoid driving there.
Rebeca said: "Often you cannot use the road from Adawso so we would take a boat.
This makes the community very isolated which is an added challenge".

The success of the medical insurance has been amazing over the last 4 years and we are so excited to be able to help so many more children in need.

Thank you for supporting us to make this happen.