Atworth Youth Club

Atworth Youth Club

Founder Emma Hodgkins went to visit the children at Atworth youth club.
They have been fundraising for the trust and last week did a charity car wash, raising £150.
The children have lots of creative ideas to continue their fundraising efforts and to continue to support our cause.

Andy Fenton and Martin Fawley, supporters of the trust, are responsible for making this happen so we'd like to thank them both for introducing another circle of fundraisers and enabling us to make even more people aware of the amazing work we are doing.

Andy said:
"I wanted to get my youth group (Atworth youth club) to think of others, especially children, who we could help with some fundraising and charity awareness. Martin came into our youth club and delivered an inspiring talk which the children lapped up. They were full of it the following week and we started a fundraising list! First up was a car wash.
Everyone worked so hard and we raised £150 in two hours.

All the children got to meet Emma at our end of year party and that has inspired us all to do more next year and beyond and make a difference to as many children's lives as as possible.
Next up is a table top sale and we are planning to do two more car washes next year. Every child has been asked to think of a fundraising idea to deliver throughout next year!"

Martin said:

“I was amazed at how quickly the children at Atworth Youth Club became engaged with the work we do and they immediately set about thinking of ideas for fundraising events. I think it really opened their eyes to the plight of children of their own age and, at first, couldn’t quite believe that they have to go through such hardship. It was touching to see their empathy and willingness to help less fortunate children that they will probably never meet.

I hope that this can be a long and productive relationship, enabling the Trust to deliver even more much needed water filters and life saving medical insurance.”

A million thank yous to everyone at Atworth youth club and especially all the children involved in cleaning cars raising much needed funds for our cause. Your support and belief in our work will truly save and change lives in Ghana. we really can't thank you enough.