Filter demo at Westwood-with-Iford school

Westwood-with-Iford school

Today trustee Tony Taylor and founder Emma Hodgkins went to Westwood-with-Iford school.
Orchid class has fundraised for us for the last 2 years so we wanted to thank them and show them how their fundraising will help save and change lives with the gift of clean water.

The demonstration of the water filters was a huge success and the children were so keen to get involved - to try the pump and drink the clean water.

These filters are incredible and even after years of working with them founder Emma Hodgkins is still always amazed at how they work, transforming even the dirtiest of water into clean drinking water.

We would like to thank everyone at Westwood-with-Iford school for supporting us and for the dedication and creativity the children have showed to raise funds.
They have now raised over £600 for the Trust.
This will enable us to give 1200 people clean water.
Thank you.