Westwood with Iford School £1 challenge

Westwood-with -Iford school £1 challenge

Last week we received this lovely message from Emma Tyler at Westwood and Iford school.

"Orchid class have just finished their £1 challenge. 9 groups had £1 each and they had a week to buy and sell to turn a profit. It was a dummy run for their £5 challenge in June and gives them a chance to iron out mistakes and learn some new tricks! The children sold lemonade floaters, sweets, homemade fudge, cakes and did a sponge throwing"

"We raised £144.06 for the Helen Hodgkins Trust.
The profits from the £5 challenge will come your way too at the end of June."

A million thank-yous to everyone involved in this amazing fundraiser for us. Thanks to your fundraising efforts and creative money-making thinking we are able to give 288 people the gift of clean water or insure 144 children with life saving medical care.

We really can't thank you enough for your continued support and generosity for our cause.