Triple Triathlon Challenge

The Triple Triathlon Challenge

Our founder Emma Hodgkins and her partner Michael Law are taking on three triathlons this year. Michael is working very hard fundraising for our cause.
So far he has raised over £700 in sponsorship.

The challenge is 3 triathlons in 5 months, getting progressively harder.
The first one is a sprint on the 1st May, finishing with a full Olympic triathlon with an outdoor swim in September.

Michael says:
"In 2015 I completed the 3 peaks challenge, in 2016 I completed an ultra marathon - 69 miles in 19 hours.
This is my toughest challenge of all.

I haven't been in the pool since my school days and this is proving to be the hardest of the 3 disciplines for me.
The last time I was on a bike was when I was 12 and I had my bmx.

My heart is committed to this challenge as I knew Helen well and spent time playing golf with her, but I have also seen the amazing work Emma, my girlfriend, does in Ghana and I know what a difference we can make with the funds raised”.

Michael is so committed and training very hard. He has even got himself a swimming coach.

If you'd like to support Michael in his challenge then please donate at the link below.