Forestry Commission Presentation

Emma's Presentation to the Forestry Commission

On 8th March (International Women’s Day) our founder, Emma Hodgkins, gave a presentation to the Forestry Commission to share her experiences and the story of the Trust.

Jo Ridgway and Rebecca Poole at the Forestry Commission organised this event, and one of their objectives was to hear from an inspirational female role model.
Emma delivered her presentation to an audience of about 50 people and the reaction and response she received was amazing and overwhelmingly positive.

Rebecca says:

“Emma really empowered our staff when she told her story about setting up the charity in her Mum’s memory.  It is incredible how the charity is now providing water to over 31,000 people in Africa.  I would recommend Emma to any other organisation who wanted to hear from an inspirational female role model.  Her presentation was very engaging and moving.  It was a great way to celebrate International Women’s Day”.

A million thank yous to everyone who attended and for the support and wonderful feedback we have received.
Sharing our story to new people opens new doors so we thank you so much for inviting us and having Emma as a guest speaker.
Not only did they give time, they also raised funds. A great British bake off.

Emma says:

"Rebecca, I can't thank you enough for organising such an amazing morning.
Personally it was so lovely to meet you and to get to share my story with so many people.
You obviously have some very talented bakers in your office as I saw the cakes and they looked pretty amazing.
A big thank you to everyone that baked and everyone that ate.
Your delicious treats have raised an amazing £125.54
With this money we can insure 125 children with life saving medical care or send 5 family filters giving 300 people clean water for 5 years.
It is even enough to buy a large water container (storage tank) for our next water tower."