Ely Marathon

Ely Marathon

Christine Hilcenko and Zelda Putter have yet again completed another fundraiser. Thanks to their dedication and generous sponsors they have raised £555 for the Trust by completing the Ely marathon.


Christine said:
"It was a great and sunny day to run our first marathon. Even if it was hard a run, I found the route very relaxing and inspiring. While I was running, I thought a lot about Helen, of her kindness, and all the good time we spent together, on how proud she would have been of her daughter Emma. I am sure she watches carefully all our events and that she supports us in a way, with a smile and positivity."


Training for a marathon takes huge strength, motivation and dedication. Christine we really can't thank you enough for taking on this challenge and being such an amazing fundraiser for the Trust.
A huge congratulations to Christine and Zelda for completing the marathon and raising more funds for our cause.