Distributing Gifts

Your gifts

One of Emma's favourite parts of her trips to Ghana is getting to distribute the donations that she has taken out with her.
On this trip to Ghana we visited two communities that we took your gifts to.
We took gifts for babies and children to the first community.

It's always so heart warming to see the pleasure and excitement it brings to the kids.
Sharing the gifts with children is incredible, giving shoes to a child with bare feet, giving a T-shirt to a child in rags, giving a toy to a child that has nothing. It really is quite magical.

For the second community we decided to do a special ladies day. Women quite often do everything in the community and get nothing. So on this trip we decided that we would do a special ladies day, giving out your gifts of toiletries, clothes and bras.


One special lady received a new bra and she was so excited that she put it on over her dress.


Thanks to British Airways we are able to take out so many donations as they always give us extra baggage.
Thanks to all of you we were able to give out your gifts to so many wonderful women and children.