Meeting the God Mother


Driving to Atobiase is like driving through the jungle. You leave the closest town, Bepong, and go down a long narrow bumpy dirt track.
You are surrounded by plantations and it is so green and peaceful.

As we approached the community, the road became so bad we had to abandon the car and walk the remaining way.
Homes are mud huts and the poverty is so apparent.
Fred explained that they don't sell anything they farm to survive.

We met the local headmaster of the school and a teacher who took us around to show us the water issues in the community.


Before we reached the water supply I was introduced to the priestess, she is the Godmother of this community.
The culture here believes every God has a messenger and she was the messenger for the river of God.
I asked how old she was and when Fred translated she told us she did not know.
With the calculations of the age of her children the community believe she is over 100.

Emma said:
"She was amazing and warmed my heart, this lady has survived in this community all of her life and made me feel so welcome we smiled and laughed together".
We were unable to exchange words but able to share a moment of joy together.
She spoke to Fred and he translated telling me that God had sent me to help her and to save her community.


They have a small river, really a stream, that they collect water from.
The water is so dirty that you wouldn't even want to wash with it let alone drink or cook with it.
It is contaminated by the animals living in the community (pigs, goat, chickens).
They suffer with so many water-borne illnesses.
Not only is the water so unsafe to drink it also is so hard to get to. Steep inclines, muddy and uneven paths, Emma almost fell several times ... on her head.

In the dry season this water supply is completely dry so they are left with no other option but to dig for water.


We plan to raise the funds to provide this community with a borehole that will serve around 600+ people, improving health and saving lives by giving safe accessible water.