Kwahu-Nsabah Borehole

Kwahu-Nsabah Borehole

Kwahu-Nsabah is a community of over 2,000 people. There are 2 boreholes within this community, but, as we hear so often in our discussions with communities, both had fallen into a state of disrepair.

The community has various health issues because of their lack of access to clean water and speaking to the villagers they are desperate for our help to be able to repair their boreholes.

When a community is given access to clean water it is essential to ensure this supply is maintained. After having got used to drinking life-saving clean water, going back to drinking dirty, contaminated water is a serious problem for the people in the communities.

Unfortunately, we often see boreholes that have been installed by other organisations that have not revisited the site to check on their continued operation or to maintain the pumps. It is generally simple things that have gone wrong with the mechanics or the pump that can be fixed quickly and really does not cost very much.

This week we had the news from our partners Fred and Rebeca that we have fixed one of their 2 boreholes. Another amazing project completed thanks to your support and we hope to complete the repair works on their second borehole very soon.