Asikuma Borehole

Asikuma Borehole

We are extremely happy to report that another sustainable water project has been completed, giving the community of Asikuma (around 600 people) access to clean water.

Asikuma is another very poor community that Emma and Martin visited whilst they were in Ghana, with people living in mud huts and farming for survival. They had access to a borehole but it hadn't  been maintained properly and wasn’t working, hence the community had been without clean water for months.

Talking to one of the villagers, he told us: "We have no school, no medical centre, no electricity and now no water". It is a testament to the people living in this community that they still have a great verve for life and do not allow the situation they find themselves in to dampen their spirits.

Thanks to the funds raised by you and the support of our partners in Ghana we have now repaired this borehole and this community is now able to enjoy the gift of clean water once again.