Ghana Trip Summary

Ghana October 2017

It's so hard to put the experience of being in Ghana into words. The two weeks we spend with our partners and the communities we visit is an emotional rollercoaster and once we return to our normal way of living back here in the UK it feels quite surreal as our worlds are so far apart.
It is really important to share with you what we experience and feel when we are there in Ghana.
We feel so privileged to be able to help people who are desperately in need and your funds really do make a difference to so many lives.


This trip was by far the best of all our trips. It was extremely productive and we have now built even stronger relationships with our partners Fred and Rebeca.
They have an incredibly strong team who are all very focused on helping us achieve our objectives and support even more communities in need.

We have insured two more schools with life saving medical insurance bringing the number of children we support to almost 1,000.

Martin and Emma were lucky enough to spend their 1st day at Mangoase school, meeting the teachers and pupils we are giving medical insurance to. This is the fourth school we have insured.

During this trip we were also able to identify another 4 schools to insure in 2018.
We know that providing medical insurance really saves and transforms lives.
Because they receive medical insurance, more children attend school and spend more time at school as they are healthier.
All of this leads to healthier and better educated communities.


Four water filters were distributed to a community during an outreach project as well as donations of rice and soap. The feedback we have received and research we have performed proves that communities that use our water filters really do see better health and productivity.

Another borehole was completed in the community of Obomeng, bringing the total number of finished boreholes there to 4, and we were invited to the opening of the borehole in Petia. It's so amazing when you can see how the gift of clean, accessible water changes lives within communities and the joy it brings to them.


From our community visits, we have been able to identify another 11 sustainable water projects and our aim is to raise enough funds to complete these in the next six months.

Through our partners, we have built relationships with the local government and now have their support and backing for future projects.

Emma got to meet some amazing people in Ghana on this trip, spending time with the Children of Kyereban and meeting the Godmother of Atobiase.
Learning more and understanding the culture of these communities is vital to our future success and Emma always enjoys her time with both the young and the old.


These highs and enjoyable times are always tempered by the stories we hear - Emma's time with Frank in Kyereban was truly heart breaking and as she heard his story her heart melted. We have promised to help Frank and we hope that in the next six months we will have drilled and built a borehole to save lives and help make a difference within this community.
Here is Frank's story:

Visiting two of the schools (Nkyenenkyenen and Leads) we are insuring is always a highlight, spending time with the children and seeing them happy and healthy. Speaking to the teachers who explain the benefits they have seen makes every minute and penny well spent.

We held the first ever Helen Hodgkins Trust football tournament which was a great success but not without issues. Nothing is ever easy in Ghana but I have to say that football brought us all together and it was so great to see the joy and passion that came from the academies involved.


Getting to visit communities that have nothing and give them simple gifts would bring warmth and love to anyone. It's better than Christmas and to see and experience the joy and gratitude is almost impossible to put into words.
We thank everyone who donated gifts that we were then able to give out to many people who have nothing.

Time spent in Ghana is truly humbling and it really is a privilege to be able to help so many people in need. Sadly there are so many more people that need our help, so we hope that with your support we can continue to do more and reach out to even more communities in need.

You can help us save and change lives in Ghana by donating at the link below:

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