Outreach Project

Outreach Project

Emma and Martin got to experience an outreach project on this trip to Ghana.
It was a wonderful day where we, along with other volunteers, got to go and see the distribution of our water filters to very remote communities.


It's always incredibly humbling as you visit communities that really do have nothing.
No school, no medical centre, no electricity and no easy access to water.

Being able to give a community a water filter doesn't come close to solving their problems, but it's a start.
The gift of clean water is something these communities dream and pray for and thanks to you we have made another community's dreams and prayers come true.


We also took donations of rice, noodles and toiletries.
Seeing the joy this brings to communities is amazing and so incredibly humbling.

Emma and Martin have both seen our water filters in action but it is always so amazing to see how they can transform even the dirtiest of water into safe clean drinking water for 100s of people.