New Water Projects

New Water Projects

On this trip to Ghana we spent many hours in cars travelling to communities within the eastern region.

It's not easy to get from A to B. Roads are really not great, in fact they are dirt tracks, with huge divots that you are constantly having to avoid.
When the rain comes it gets even trickier and you realise the lengths these people have to go to, to simply leave their community.
On average we spent 7 hours a day in a car taking us just to 2 or 3 communities.

Even with all of the travelling issues we were still able to visit so many communities in need and we have now identified another 11 sustainable water projects that we hope to complete in the next six months.


Every community we visited had the same issues, unsafe water creating so many water related illnesses. So many hours have to be spent collecting water.
One community actually said they spend around 15 hours a day collecting water per household.

It is so sad to see the problems each community has and water is only one of them.
We visited one village and the chief said to me "we have no school, we have no medical centre, we have no electricity and we have no water".


Thanks to your support and donations we are now able to help so many people in need.
It may only be with water but as they say in Ghana, Water is Life.