Petia borehole grand opening

Petia Borehole Opening

Three weeks prior to Emma and Martin's trip to Ghana, the borehole in Petia was completed. This wonderful community wanted to celebrate the gift of clean water we had given them so Emma and Martin were invited along and had the honour of being part of the grand opening of the borehole in Petia.

It was a heartwarming and humbling experience to see the community come together and the emotion that this gift of clean water brings.


The celebrations opened with talks from the chief of Petia and headmaster of the community's school.
They explained that after air, water is the next most important thing for their surivival. In Ghana they say water is life and our donors had given their community the gift of life.

Emma was then invited to talk and delivered a message on behalf of the Trust, thanking them for their hospitality and explaining what a privilege it is to help and see the joy and happiness our donors had given to an entire community.

We then got to enjoy music, dancing, singing and readings from the entire community and from the pupils of Petia school.


It was a short walk from where we all gathered to the borehole and after the celebrations Emma got to lead the community down to the borehole and do the grand opening, cutting the ribbon and pumping the water from the ground.


Emma said:
"It was so wonderful to be a part of this special day and to be able to see the joy that our donors have brought to this community.
A million thank-yous to everyone who supports us to make this happen. This community is now able to enjoy clean accessible water thanks to you."