Obomeng Boreholes

Obomeng Boreholes

We returned to the large town of Obomeng.
Last year we completed 3 boreholes here giving the community of 5000 people access to clean water.
As the community is so large, 3 boreholes are not enough so we had always planned to do more.

There are 2 more boreholes that had previously been drilled in Obomeng and on our trip we got to see the completion of one of them.

It took 2 days to complete the borehole, laying the foundations, building the platform and installing the pump.


It's hard manual work in the heat but it's so amazing when you see it come together.

Martin was in Obomeng to see the completion of the project and he got to see the emotion of one special lady when she saw clean running water coming from the ground for the first time.


Another successful project completed thanks to all of your support.