Heading To Ghana

Heading to Ghana

Once again BA have been kind enough to offer us extra baggage.
Over the years they have been so generous, enabling us to take out donations of clothes, shoes and toiletries to the communities we support.
So once again we are not traveling lightly.
A million thanks yous to everyone who has supported us with gifts. We know how much happiness this brings to the communities we support.

Joining Emma on this trip is Martin Fawley who has been an amazing support to the charity over the last year.
It's great that Martin can see first-hand the wonderful things we do and the communities we support.


Our journey to Ghana is always a very long day.
Although the flight is only 6 hours, once we land we then have another 3-4 hours journey from Accra to the eastern region.

We only have 2 weeks and we hope that in this time we are able to achieve so much.
Our founder Emma has been planning this trip for months and is hoping to achieve so much with her time in Ghana.

We wish Martin and Emma a very successful trip.