Football Tournament

The Helen Hodgkins Trust Football Tournament

Martin had arranged with Fred and Rebecca and the help of Dom, a football tournament for the local football academies.

We had four teams taking part and it created a lot of excitement within the community.


It was an amazing day........ well until the rain came and flooded the pitch.

You always have to improvise at some point in Ghana and this was no different.
The games that had not been completed needed a penalty shoot out.
Then the final was played hours later when 60% of the pitch had dried out. Playing on a part water logged football pitch made it very interesting for the players and spectators.

Martin had organised medals for every player, which were greatly received.


The finalists received football kits that had been donated and the winner received the Helen Hodgkins Trust trophy.


It was great to see the joy and passion that football brings to a community.
We are hoping that this will become an annual event on our trips and gain even more awareness for our cause.