Kyereban is a community that Emma has visited before and last year we distributed family filters and community filters to the area.

The water filters have helped, but not everyone has access to them and sadly there are still so many waterborne illnesses in the community.

Kyereban is made up of 3 villages and is a fishing community.
It is so far removed from civilisation and so remote. To get there you have to drive along bumpy dirt tracks avoiding huge divots in the road.
On average people spend up to 6 hours a day fetching water.


Emma said she was aware of the water issues and the health issues that come from the bad water but listening to Frank talk her heart was filled with sadness. You can watch Frank's story here:

Frank spoke to us and said:
"Our medical centres and hospitals are so far away, if someone becomes seriously ill we have to call a taxi.
As we are so far away from any town we sometimes have to wait hours before they arrive and then have a long journey to get medical attention.
If someone is taken ill at night no taxi will come to us as the roads are so bad, sometimes we have to just watch as our friend slowly dies.
If you can help us you will save us." 

This community of around 1,000 people need our help.
Within the next 6 months we plan on drilling a borehole for Frank and his community, saving and changing lives with the gift of clean water.