Trip to Ghana in October

On the 9th of October founder Emma Hodgkins is returning to Ghana.

Emma will be traveling with Laura Pincock, who has supported our cause and been an amazing fundraiser for the last two years.

Emma and Laura will have a very busy two weeks in Africa as they spend their first week with our partners Fred and Rebeca, distributing water filters and working on new sustainable projects.
Their second week will be spent visiting new areas and communities. With the help of Gill from Safe Water Trust we have gained two new contacts in Ghana and we are hoping that after this trip we will be able to start working with these new partners.
This will enable us to provide clean water to so many more people throughout Ghana.

After Emma's last trip to Ghana she was made aware of boreholes that needed maintenance. With the help of Fred and Rebeca we will be repairing two boreholes in the area of Chereban. This will provided thousands of people with clean water once again.

We are also just about to start building our third water tower in Petia and Kwakusafo.

This community is desperate for our help as the water source is so contaminated and villagers have to spend many hours collecting water.

Emma is hoping that the projects will be well underway or even close to completion when she arrives in Ghana.