A second school receives medical insurance

We now insure 229 children with life-saving medical care.

Nkyenennkyenen school has been insured for the 3rd year and the feedback is incredible. There have been no fatalities at the school since we started insuring it in 2013.

The school is now used by more students so more people are receiving education and life-saving medical care meaning this community will be healthier and better educated in the future.

One example of the benefit of medical insurance is what happens with minor injuries.
If a child has a cut, they can go straight to the hospital, where it is stitched, bandaged and they are then able to return to school straightaway. In the past, such a cut would not get treated, it could then get infected making it impossible for them to attend school for weeks.
But now they can be treated straight away and return to school.

Because of this success we have now taken on a second school in Pitiku - Leads community school.
This school will benefit so much as they are close to a lake and malaria is a huge problem, along with the fact the lake water is contaminated and so many students suffer with schistosomiasis.
We really could not support a more deserving and needed area with this much needed life-saving medical insurance.

A huge thank you to Rev. Christine Moorehouse for wanting to support our two schools and generously contributing to this project.

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