Team Helen Hodgkins Trust Skydive

On May 22nd, our team of skydivers headed to Salisbury.
We gathered together and watched planes take off and people fall from the sky.
It was an amazing feeling watching the parachutes open and fellow skydivers land safely on the ground.
As it came closer to our time to fly we gathered together for our briefing....... only to go back outside and find it was raining!
The British weather did it’s worse and by 4pm we had not seen another plane take off or another parachute open for hours.
So sadly we took the decision to call it off.

The skydive has now been rescheduled for 8am on the 5th of June, giving our team of sky divers another two weeks to raise funds.
Already we have raised enough for to build our 3rd water tower...... but it's never too late to donate.
Please continue to support the Helen Hodgkins Trust team of skydivers.
A million thank yous to the team for giving up time and for raising so much for our cause.
Good luck for the June 5th and fingers crossed we get a beautiful sunny day.