Ghana Trip Summary

The trip to Ghana was a huge success, with so many achievements. (For more info check out the blog.)

We drilled our first borehole giving the community of Bepong clean water.

We have also built a second sustainable water project - a water tower to utilise the water from a spring, taking it to a safe and accessible place.
This will provide clean, filtered water to a community of 4000 people.

More water filters were delivered, giving even more villages and schools the gift of clean water.

We built stronger relations with our Partners in Ghana.

Another important objective was to review our work so far. We can now see the positive impact we are having in communities.

80% of our filters are being used in the correct way and there has been a significant improvement in health and productivity within these communities. Our Partners are working with the remaining 20% to ensure they can get the most benefit from the filters.

Providing medical insurance has been an overwhelming success.
Not only are the children healthier, but also now more children than ever attend the school as they not only get education they also receive life saving medical insurance.
Nkyenennkyenen school has had no fatalities since we started insuring the pupils with life saving medical care.

We are now looking at insuring our second school.

We also had the great opportunity to investigate a number of possible new sustainable water projects in the surrounding communities. This vital first-hand intelligence on such projects helps us ensure we can spend your donations in the most effective way.

Emma says:
"I'm back. It feels like I've been away for a long time and it's good to be home.
An emotional two weeks were spent in Ghana, with ups and downs, high and lows.
The Helen Hodgkins Trust did so much I can't thank everyone enough.
I've learnt so much and feel more inspired than ever to work hard to keep giving water to those who are in desperate need."

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