Our first water tower is now being used

We saw our water tower functioning and used for the first time.


This community of 4,000 people now have accessible, clean, safe, running water for the first time.

With the funds raised in 2015 we have been able to build this water tower.
The water comes from a natural spring/well.
Using an electric pump, it is taken to the water tower, filtered and then stored in a tank.

Prior to this, the community were taking the water from the spring, but sadly the water was contaminated and a high percentage of the population of the community were or had suffered from water-borne diseases.
The spring is also in a very wet and green area which is home to poisonous snakes.

Volunteer Sue Gilbert was there to see the water tower being used for the first time and told us how amazing it was to see this community being served with clean running water.
Each time Sue visited the tower, people gathered with buckets to collect their water.

We can’t thank everyone enough for the support and donations to make this possible.

You can help us provide more water towers like this by donating here: