Ghana Trip 20th January

Today, we delivered two water filters to Leads community school in the village of Pitiku.
Water-borne illnesses are a huge problem in the area, with so many affected by schistosomiasis/bilharzia.

The population of the village is around 800 and with 300 children attending the school, they will benefit hugely from our filters.


The school will act as a hub for people in the community to bring their water to be filtered.
The pupils of Leads community school did a performance for us to thank us for the gift of clean water.

Founder Emma said "The gratitude from the children and teachers was unbelievable. They did several dances for us and it truly was a highlight for me to experience the music and dance".

Not only did we deliver filters, we were able to take much needed rice, clothes, toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap.
But the children seemed happier than ever when Emma presented them with a football.

Malaria is also a problem as the village is close to a lake.
Emma is keen to discuss with her trustees to see if this could be the second school we insure with life saving medical insurance.