Ghana Trip 19th January

On the 19th January, founder Emma Hodgkins visited many more communities that need our help.


This is Twenerasi - it is the area where Emma stayed.
They are desperate for water.
Through the dry season they rely on natural water that comes from the ground.
It can take up to four hours to fill a bucket scoop by scoop.

Sometimes women collect water at night so they have water for the day, meaning they survive on very little sleep.
Sadly, water searches have been done and in this area they do not have a strong enough water supply for a well or borehole.

Fred feels a dam would be the best solution.
We are investigating building a dam that could collect and store the water from the wet season, giving this community of 500 people a supply of water all year round.


This community of around 300 people spend on average 1.5 hours a day collecting water.
This is a natural spring that they are currently using. It is a great water supply for the community. However, we need to bring the water closer to them.

Fred's idea is to build two water towers either side of the village, using the spring to supply the water and laying pipes and installing pumps to move the water to storage tanks.
This would give easier access to water and save so much time which is spent daily on water collection.

Petia, Hweehwee, Kwakusafo & Yawtenkorang.

This is the water supply for Petia, Hweehwee, Kwakusafo & Yawtenkorang.

The water is so dirty and as Emma looked at the water that was being collected she could see worms in the contaminated water.
Fred said "This water is so bad it should not even touch your skin”.

With over 600 people using this water supply they need our help to filter and purify it.

Not only is it unclean and very unsafe, it is so far away from the communities that the only way of getting the water back is to carry it on your head. That is immensely hard work and so time consuming.
If villages had bikes they would be able to cycle the water back to their homes.


This is the community of Chereban. They desperately need our help.

On average they spend four hours a day collecting water. They have to walk through dry barren land to get to the lake. Schistosomiasis is a huge problem as the lake water is contaminated.

They are in desperate need of a borehole to provide them with a sustainable water supply within the community.

Emma says "I hope with our fundraising in 2016 we can give the community of Chereban their much need water supply”.

"I met the chief, we smiled and laughed together. I truly hope we are able to help his community."

Fred will spend time researching these projects and getting quotes to see if this is a future project for the Helen Hodgkins Trust.